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Introduction to Acting


 2 x 1day day workshops


Participants will explore techniques that prepare the body and mind to achieve a natural acting style and deliver convincing performances


Exercises in movement, voice, breathing, and imagination, combine with improvisation and working with prepared text.


Suitable for anyone with no acting experience or those who have had no formal acting training.


Progression to the six-week  “Acting Experience” course and individual subject specific workshops



The Acting Experience.

8 weekly one day workshops


This builds on the work covered in “An Introduction to Acting” giving more time to prepare the mind and body, develop good technique and work with prepared text.  Participants will learn and rehearse short scenes to be performed in a final week   “Showcase” to an invited audienc

Subject Specific workshops

Half day/ one day each


Auditions  -  Do’s, don’ts, tips and tryouts.


Acting for the Camera  - Techniques when acting for TV and Film


Shakespeare  - Getting the best from the Bard


Acting as a Career - OK, if you must, here’s some advice and Guidance


Charicaturisation -  So who do you think you are then? 


Improvisation  - Wot no script?


Received pronunciation - I say old chap, is this the BBC?


Story telling and poetry reading  - Captivate your audience



Stand up Comedy


Six half-day workshops


This combines the performance and writing skills learned in other workshops.


Participants learn and practice the skills of successful stand up comedy,

Including story telling; one liners; political satire etc.). They choose a style that suits and write and rehearse their own material. The course culminates in a “Night at the Apollo” evening performance to a paying audience. 

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