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This award-winning comedy which premiered at the Riverhead Theatre in 2015 has now been adapted for radio and submitted for the latest round of BBC comedy drama submissions. The original theatre script was first published by The Playwright Publishing Company. The second edition is now available from Hammond House Publishing Ltd. The theatre production which sold out and the run extended, received great reviews:

"Well Done to all involved with Shakespeare in Debt- it was so funny!"

"Superb performance and script !!"

"Well what can I say......absolutely fantastic, pure talent!!!!!"

"A fabulous show x"

"Amazing performance of Shakespeare in Debt tonight. The cast were on fire and you could here the

laughter in the foyer."

For radio, the original play has been extended to cover six episodes following our four antagonists as they stumble through more adventures in Elizebethan England.

#shaekespearindebt #comedy #shakespear #BBC #BBCradio4 #Radioplay

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