A narritve tale about acohol addition with a bluesy sax from the ledendary Snake Davies, music by jazz musician, Steve Jackson, backing vocals by charismatic vocalist, Viveen and production by  international music producer Don V Loui 


Royalties going to support the work of creative starts in Grimasby and Urban Clinic in New York


In the harsh winter of 1999 when temperatures plummeted to -13 Celsius, a young actor died alone on the streets of New York City.  Wrapped up in their own struggle for survival his friends failed to recognise the signs of alcohol addiction or wonder why he eventually dropped out of sight.   I began writing ‘Bottle’ in New York at the turn of the century as a way of coping with this preventable tragedy.  I revisited it 20 years later when I met artist, Sam Delany and was inspired by the remarkable support he provides for recovering drug and alcohol addicts through art therapy. I will be donating all royalties from record sales to Urban Recovery in New York City and Creative Starts in Grimsby to support their valuable work. 


Bottle in my Hand