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Work includes short stories, poetry, songwriting, theatre plays, screenplays, radio plays and TV scripts.  Published works are available from Hammond House Publishing



Play: The Princess of Arcadia
ShortStory: The Anderson Shelter
Short Story: Schools Out!
Short Story: The Constant Highway




Balancing Act: Anthology of poetry
Screenplay: Burning Heart
Screenplay: Spin
Play: the Difference
Screenlay: Trading Options


The Anderson Shelter: Published in the 2017 Hammond House anthology, ETERNAL. Shortlisted for the 2018 Tailspinners Prize

Best Man for the Job:  Runner up in the 2016 Bookers Corner Prize. Published in the 2017 anthology, Voices in the Dark.

Diversity:  Published in the 2016 Hammond House anthology CONFLICT

The Constant Highway: Historical Fiction

Schools Out:  Young adult


Shakespeare in Debt :  Award Winning five act play for the theatre first performed at the Riverhead Theatre in 2015. Adapted for  BBC radio 2017

Available here.

The Difference:  Three act play for the theatre.

The Princess of Arcadia:  Three act play for the theatre

What's in a Name: Award-Winning short film screenplay chosen for the LA Film festival 2017

Trading Options: Screenplay - Thriller

Burning Heart: Screenplay Thriller  

SPIN : Short film screenplay due for production in 2018

BILLBOARD:  TV Script for art and entertainment programme on Channel 7.


Lying In:  First performed at the Southwell Literary Festival. Published in Poetry Aloud 2006

Sunday Papers: First performed at the Southwell Literary Festival. Published in Poetry Aloud 2006

Enchantment: Narrative poem published in Balancing Act, 2012


Winter Winds : 2017

Sleepless Nights 2018

The HungryTide 2018

New York City Girls 2018


"The primary purpose of theatre is to entertain. Your precious message won't be heard if you're playing to an empty house".


"Laughter is the medicine of melancholy"








Waves of Wisdom

'The boy sat on the shore, watching the dolphins in the bay. More intelligent than us? I'm not so sure he thought, as he turned away with a flick of his tail.'  

Winner of the Twitter 100 character competition.

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