Ted's songwriting ranges from traditional English folk songs like The Hungry Tide  to country influences in New York Girls and Blues in Clinging to Love.


Collaborations with singer/songwriter Rachel Makena and filmmaker Alex Thompson have produced some interesting work that reflects the times we live in.


Staying Home was released during the Covid 19 crisis and its refection of life during lockdown resonated with people around the world.


Stardust :  follow your dream


Survival was inspired by events that are changing the world around us and became the theme for an International Literary Prize.

Changes was written and produced to inspire writers entering the 2020 International Literary Prize

The Hungry Tide. A traditonal english folk song produced in collaboration with singer singwriter Amy Naylor

Bottle in My Hand  

In the harsh winter of 1999 when temperatures plummeted to -14 Celsius, a young actor died alone on the streets of New York City. Wrapped up in their own struggle for survival, his friends failed to recognise the signs of alcohol addiction or wonder why he eventually dropped out of sight. I began writing ‘Bottle’ in New York at the turn of the century as a way of coping with this preventable tragedy. I revisited it 20 years later when I met artist, Sam Delany and was inspired by the remarkable support he provides for recovering drug and alcohol addicts. I will be donating all royalties from record sales to Urban Recovery in New York City and Creative Starts in Grimsby to support their valuable work.


My grateful thanks to jazz musician (and my oldest friend), Steve Jackson, legendary saxophonist Snake Davis, backing singer Viveen and music producer Don V Loui for donating their valuable time and amazing talent.

You can download the track for just 99p at Spotify, Amazon music, Apple music and major on-line record stores.

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The Hungry Tide - GTR+VOX

ICHANGES was written to insoire writers